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I tried to purchase a puppy on line. I found an ad offering Bouyant Boston Terrier’s for 350 in Tacoma Washington. When Anita Lee responded he said the puppies were in Arizona. We agreed that I would send 150 by Western Union as a deposit and the final payment of 150 after the puppy was delivered. I was assured over the phone by a pet delivery agent that the money would remain at Western Union until the puppy arrived. Western Union failed to notify me that the money was picked up, as there form says they will. I was contacted again by the seller of the Boston Terrier Puppy asking for more money for an electronic crate, that was to be refunded completely. The next day another request for more money for a permit and again for a feeding fee. I was told the puppy made it to my city stopped by the police. I was made to believe the puppy would be arriving… and then told the puppy died in transport. I was promised a full refund and an insurance settlement of 5, 200. However I could only collect if I send more money. They even sent me some of a refund asking me to send it to someone in Cameroon. The refunds came in 350 dollar installments, the same price of the puppy. I am worried I got the money someone sent to get a puppy because the western union refunds are not coming from where I sent the money. When I finally gave up hopes of getting a puppy I found the same story on line…Cameroon Puppy Scam G.K. Air Freight Services.

. I demand The rest of my money back or a puppy. Stay away

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