Anna Hodson – Cheyenne, Wyoming Wyoming


My husband and I have been married 2 years now.. During my pregnancy my husband and I did not see eye to eye about anything and I became his”mother”. The only woman he felt he could run to was this home wrecker! When they use to date a few years back he deployed to Iraq. She found out that she was pregnant and they tried to work it out.. Well come to find out after my husband spent $3,000 on baby stuff the baby wasn’t his and she knew the entire time!! He got home from Iraq and that’s when we met. Then they started talking again and she would tell him that she would”off” me to make him happy!! || Then my husband and I split and she went on Facebook saying that I was a bad mother because I left my husband and took our daughter with me. This woman just got out of rehab for Heroin and doesn’t have custody of her child and I’m the bad mother?? I don’t think so!! When they would talk while my husband and I were still together he had her in his phone under his brothers name!!! So god knows how long they were talking before I found out!!! Long story short my husband and I started talking again after a year of being apart and she’s been blowing up his phone!!! She’s crazy!!!

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