Anna’s Linen’s Fair Oaks California Review


I had placed a pretty large order, almost $200.00 for several items, including 10 towels. As anyone would do, I washed all the towels before using. These towels were all faulty! The amount of lint that came off these towels was insane. After washing towels for the 4th time, and drying them, the amount of lint remaind the same. I emailed the company 3 different times within 2 weeks since I had no response from them at all. I finally called them this morning and the lady I spoke with, Laura, had attitude in her tone right off the bat. I explained to her what went on with the towels and she told me to take pictures of the towels, for what purpose, I don’t know or to go all the way to my nearest Anna’s Linen’s which is 8 miles away. Why should I, as a customer, and my first order with them, have to do all these things to get the customer service I was seeking? I asked her if I could be partially refunded for the towels and she was in no shape or form offering any compensation! Then I asked to speak to a manager, and out of the blue…she said she was the manager! What a Joke. I tried to call their corporate office but got the run around with the options. I did manage to leave a message, so maybe they will call back. I will NOT be shopping with this company ever again nor do I recommend them to anyone.

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