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Complaint: I was originally contacted by emiail in regards to a job for Mystery Shopping. I then began to get several text messages about the job assignments. I then received a Priorty Mail Express envelope which contained a letter about my first assignment and a check from Renasant Bank in the amount of 2,990.00. The remitters name was Raymond Farniok and the check was stamped with a signature of Brian Mercer. The instructions were to buy 3 IPhone 6 in the amount of 2250.00, my salary would be 300.00. I was then instructed to mail the phones next day or overnight express delivery. I was to mail the phones to the address of Denaa Binfold in Sacramento , CA. The next day I received via e-mail forms to download and fill out for the Mystery Shopper survey/experience. Two days later I received a text from a man named Kevin and he wanted to know if I had a problem and why I had not fullfilled the assignment. I told him that I had a feeling the whole thing was a scam and he said I was just trying to keep the money. I tried calling him back but no answer, I then texted him to ask where I should return the check to and I have not heard another word from him. So this is obviosly a scam!

Tags: Sales People

Address: 4090 Deer Hill Drive Sacramento, California USA


Phone: 302-319-3396

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