Anthony’s Beehive Billings Montana Review


On 4/26/09 I placed a small order online with this company. I very quickly received an email from the company stating that my purchase was approved and a confirmation of payment. The email included a merchant number, receipt number, sales order number, type of transaction and an authorization number. The payment cleared my bank on 4/27/09. nI began calling the company on 5/14/09 as I was wondering when I could expect to receive my order. I left a voice message. Since then (and it’s 5/27/09 as I write this) I have left six voice messages and sent one email. Unfortunately no one at this company has responded. nI would like my payment refunded to my account. With their shining example of poor (or non-existent) customer service, I have deep concerns about the quality of their products. nI hope they all get stung. nMollynBillings, MontanaU.S.A.

1804 N 1100 Rd Lawrence, Kansas U.S.A.


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