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Complaint: My name is Jessica wade ..my last name then was foster I was 19 years old when I started the program and Mr miles was the big man… I remember having to take the entrance exam and I failed it but he still admitted me to the medical assistant program ..it was my mother and i. We had to go to the finicial aid office and I was told I wouldn’t have to pay anything by this older women .. who later ran off with everyone’s refund check and was never seen again .. later we had to refill our financial aid with another person but, this time I had to pay 5,000.00 back which would have been fine if they actually let my mother and I walk but , that’s didn’t hapen ! We never received our free laptop either . To this day I have never received a diploma but have my transcripts with all a’s and had to pay back all that money and even had my taxes taken one year being a parent of two ..I was distraught .. I just want wants rightful mine ..I want my dipolma in medical assisting

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