Yet another API scam. I received my email through Monster for an interview with a company that provides school sports team support with free ticket printing, programs etc. The name on the email was Casey Smith, and the company was API which is supposed to stand for American Printing, Inc. I could only find a printing company in Ohio by this name which has absolutely nothing to do with this scam. I called this Casey and asked for more info. She gave a link to a cheesy website that hadn’t been well conceived or proof read. I then received two more emails trying to get me to interview for the job. In the email was an excuse that their new main location had construction issues. I called back and had questions that she answered but still felt something was not right. I scheduled an interview hoping it might be for real. The morning of the interview I finally came across this site and the many complaints filed against API, so it saved me the hour and a half trip to Charlotte. Do not get taken in by this supposed job offer.

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