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Apoorv Joshi / merchantstronghold.com Apoorv Joshi SCAM Alert Clearwater FL!!. This company should be called Merchant Scam Hold. They take all your money when you get set up with this jack a*s (Apoorv Joshi), then you don’t get any money in your account. I am getting customers calling and emailing me, BUT I never did business with them. This company is using my credit info to open all kinds of merchant accounts. I had to get a new SS Number,and had to file a report with the FBI, hire an attorney to go after this As*hole. His website merchantstronghold.com says the address is 10300 49th Street N. Suite 427 Clearwater, FL 33762. This scammer lives in India, they are using a Florida address to rip merchants off. Stay far away from this piece of sh*t. This company has ruined my credit and my life. My wife filed for a divorce last week. The stress that this company has caused me is awful. Scam Address Apoorv Joshi (888) 622-6875 10300 49th Street N Suite 427 Clearwater, FL 33762 merchantstronghold.com inkgraphtechno.com Real Address Apoorv Joshi 166 manavta nagar indore 452019 the hole family is a SCAM www.scammer.info/d/14871-indian-joshi-family-has-many-scams

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