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Complaint: This is an app review website, which promised that it was a 1-2-3 simple process. 1) Download apps. 2) Review apps. 3) Get paid. They gave an example of doing 3/day, promising, that the more you do, the more you’ll make. At first, it looked like a free offer, but then it was $27 to purchase. OK. Then came the upsells, which promised a fast track. I decided to go for it since I was checking this program out as a possible affiliate marketing opportunity through Clickbank. I ultimately paid $151.00. Each person is given their own app review website to write reviews on. Once inside, it continued to sound like I would be paid after each app review was written, with the added bonus of being able to earn commissions from clicked on banner ads and purchases. Turns out, there is no payment at all for writing reviews. Payment only happens if someone clicks on the banner ads on the app review website AND also purchases. Even then, there is no mention of how much. After writing a few reviews, I could see this was going nowhere. I even took out a FB ad to test it. I had 100 people go to my app review website and NO ONE clicked on the banners. 27 people downloaded the app I reviewed. I was not paid for any of it. I did not ask for a refund because I bought the program through a friend and didn’t want him to lose his commission. I’m so glad I didn’t take this on as an affiliate. It would be a total rip-off to anyone I was selling to, which would be people who could not afford to not only lose time reviewing apps, but not get paid for it. Total ripoff through major misrepresentation. Clickbank doesn’t take responsibility either but instead, they just kept looping my inquiries back to App Coiner who responds with canned responses.

Tags: App Download Free, Bait & Switch, False Advertisement

Address: CLICKBANK: 1444 S. Entertainment Ave, Suite 410 Boise, Idaho United States



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