Apple Computer Austin Texas Review


I just got back from an Apple Computer store where I was told that the 15G iPod I spent $450 on 14 months ago is now worthless. It’s only two months out of warranty and needs repairs, but the repairs would cost as much as a new one. This unit was not dropped or abused in any way. It just stopped working within weeks of the warranty running out. nHow any company can charge this much for a product and just basically tell you to throw it away after one year is beyond me. A true ripoff. To add insult to injury, I spent another $50 on phone “tech support”” last week. (After one year they won’t even talk to you unless you give them $50). When you add up what I’ve spent buying songs from Apple

buying accessories and such

my iPod paperweight cost me well over $600. nDon’t buy one of these things thinking you’ll be able to enjoy it for years. I did. Now all it does is show me the Apple logo on its little screen. nSomeone took a bite out of the Apple

but Apple took a bite out of me. nMarknAustin


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