Apple Ridge Construction Review


I bought a GPS for 6K sady he did not work out. So I contacted the owner and she said she would re-home him and I could get another pup. I agreed so another contract was done (hand written and signed) only to be informed that the female in question was not expecting. Note this written contract was already written up and I was informed after that thst said GPS was not expecting. So I was offered another pup and I got a pic of her however when I went to pick up said pup it was not the same pic. They say it is because it was microchipped for me but that doesnt mean anything the pis do not match and I did not get pic of the litter. I spent 6K on a pup and yes I got another one but pups sell for $1500 to $3500 so money wise they did not make this right and I did not get the pup in the pic. I was also informed it was my fault and that the lighting is to blame for the pics not matching. | I will not ever make this mistake again and had to learn the expensive way not the honest and trusting way. So now I will have to think long and hard about GPS breeders because this lady made it look bad for other breeders.

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