Appliances Connection Moraga California Review


They sell items that they do not have in stock. I purchased 4 items from them over 6 months ago. I have only received 1 item. Of the remaining 3 items they did not send me, they keep saying 1 item is not in stock and is on back order. This has gone on for over 6 months. I receive weekly emails saying that it will arrive next week and every week, they keep pushing back the date. I have called them several times and they blame the manufacturer. 6 month for Whirlpool to manufacture a stove is more than sufficient time. Further, they refuse to ship the other 2 items without charging me an extra $50. I finally cancelled the order for the stove and they took away $121 out of a $160 discount for my order. How is it that a $1,700 stove out of a $4,000 order would have $121 out of $160 discount allocated to it? This business is unethical and you should not purchase from them. The discounts are not worth the headaches or the time you have to wait. 6 months and the stove is still not in stock, that is rediculous.

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