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This company called me threatening me jail time if I didn’t give them my credit card number TODAY over the phone. They claimed I owed an online payday loan from 2011. I have never had an online payday loan. I continued to tell her this but she insisted if I didn’t pay TODAY someone would come to my work and I would go to jail. They called and lied to my ex husband telling him they needed to talk to me because someone had used my identity. They called my boyfriend and lied to him as well. When I asked for the company’s name that I supposedly owed they said they did not have that information. They told me it had been through three collection agencies and they were my last chance before court and jail. I said I had never received anything in the mail and they told me I wouldn’t because it was an online loan. I told her there were no bad debts on my credit report and she said it wouldn’t be on my credit report. She had no information at all except that I owed $680 and I needed to pay TODAY or I would go to jail. I filed a report with the BBB and now here. Beware!!!!!

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