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Complaint: EVERYONE BEWARE!!: I started working with this company over 10 months ago on their PBN – PointBlankNews solution. What do I have over 10 months later? Nothing! Nothing but frustration, initial investment, time, hosting costs and a slew of unforeseen fees. I will not name any names at this time, but I was working with some guy for 10 months and he just up and vanishes. I have been communicating with these crooks via Skype. They claim that this is a white label ready to go solution but that is a lie. I am not saying that they have not successfully deployed apps before, but those apps are only used to suck you in. They promise to get your app uploaded to the app stores for you. That is a lie. I am currently going back and forth with Apple myself to get my app approved. Per Apple’s last update, the app continues to crash and they are not able to test it. I have been required to perform developer level tasks and I am no developer. They WILL NOT release your source code if your app is ever completed. I asked about this early on and they would never agree to do so. I will not bore you will any more details… All you need to know is that these guys are liars, crooks, thieves and unprofessional. Poor customer service. DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH APPOETS, APPDUPE or any other fake a*s app cloning company based in India. If they needed money that bad, they could and should do things the honest way. Do not waste your time and money. This has been the worst experience I have ever had working with another company. The worst. Do your own research but trust what I am tell you, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE ROACHES.

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