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Approval powersports Lied about finanacing theivery Sandusky Mi!!. Beware of this Dealership!! Approval Powersports has some nice bikes but dont finance through them. I bought a harley davidson through them and traded my Honda Goldwing in which I also bought from them. So they ran a credit check got the trade in value of the bike and said no problem bring the bike up and pick up your Harley. I told them at that time I could finance this bike through my credit union. No not necessary we will get you a low rate. Mind you I was coming from Indiana because I do not live in Michigan. So I get there unload my bike and do some paperwork they say they need to run a credit check I said you already ran one well they said we dont really get to see the report lie!! So they told me did you bring your 2500.00 I said yes well let’s go to the cashier while were waiting for your financing to come back which should have already been done. So hears what they did they took the 2500.00 and put it on the goldwing not the harley. Then they tried to make me think I had bad credit I look at my credit all the time.. they told me my credit was a 637 charged me credit card interest 22% payment 596.00 per month immediately took it to my credit union my score was a 720 5.9% interest 380.00 payment if you buy a bike from them get your own financing you been warned.

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