Tim Fields and Melissa Crete claim to be app developers. They have scammed investors and business owners out of millions of dollars over the last 5 years posing as the Founders of Appy City LLC, The Education App LLC and Appy City Technologies. | They have taken funds from hard-working business owners, community organizations, municipalities and school districts for app development; ultimately the apps never work. They have even taken money from the Wilmington NC District Attorneys for the Education App, that is now defunct. | They have no shame…they were part of a media blitz touting the Education App all over New Hanover County, NC, promising the school district millions of dollars in revenue that, of course, never materialized. Worse, they solicit funds for investment in Appy City that they, along with CEO Jonathan Weiss, claim is the next big technology, big money deal. | Appy City and Education App operated out of office space provided to them by the City Club of Wilmington (North Carolina) for several years. Jonathan Weiss, owner of City Club Wilmington is also the CEO of Appy City, LLC. Mr. Weiss weasels out of all responsibility and does not seem disturbed by the fraudulent behavior of the firms for which he is ultimately responsible as CEO. | Tim Fields and Melissa Crete are on the run, constantly moving between North Carolina, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Florida. Jonathan Weiss introduced the pair to business owners and influencers throughout New Hanover County, NC, as the next “Google.” | The pair has taken FEMA money from hurricane victims in North Carolina, former professional athletes, business investors and close personal friends of Jonathan Weiss. We believe their current location is Pinehurst, NC. Mr. Fields shows classic signs of sociopathic behavior (no conscience, irresponsibility, lying, manipulation, cunning, parasitic living). | Mr. Weiss also shows classic signs (visions of grandeur, charm, infidelity, lack of emotion, manipulation, impulsive, egocentric, secretive and dominating behavior). CEO Weiss is unmoved by the financial ruin the firm has caused many unsuspecting investors. | Should you come across Tim Fields or Melissa Crete, do not give them any money. If you come across Jonathan Weiss, you will witness no shame.



Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Wilmington

Address: 23 S 2nd Street

Phone: 978 664 3249


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