Liar Cheater Woman, Texas

APRIL COOPER, aka APRIL YANEZ, of GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS tried to rip my world apart because of her own selfish behavior. She slept with my husband (HER WORK SUPERVISOR) even though she knew he was married and I was having our 2nd son. SHE KNEW THIS AND DID IT ANYWAY. I can’t even explain how devastated I was when I found out. I contacted her to tell her to stay away from my family (she didn’t think there was anything wrong with spending time with MY sons)…and SHE got mad at ME! WHAT? Hilarious. So, I’m falling apart, my family was falling apart…but she didn’t care. She continued to sleep with a married man. She only cares about herself. I admit I later contacted her to annoy her…but then it seemed we found some common ground. We were both hurt. We stayed in touch. That was a mistake. It was a risk, I know. But maybe she wasn’t the selfish b**** I thought she was. She was. At first it was comments made to hurt me. I let them slide…after all she’s immature, not very bright. But then she created a huge lie about her bank account being empty, someone took her funds. I knew immediately she was lying, but I later confirmed it. Who does this? I’m sure she’s done this or something like this to others. I think she believes her own lies. The final straw broke when she started “friending” my husband’s friends. She knew exactly what she was doing. And why? I was nice to her. I even helped her when she asked for advice. That’s how she treats people. She manipulates. She lies. She cheats. No matter how many chances she gets, she continues to hurt people. And she does it while praising God, which makes it worse. She can believe in God all she wants; it DOES NOT make her a good person. She will NEVER be a good person. I don’t think she knows how. Everyone needs to know who and what she is…and then stay very, very far away.s*** 2.jpg (58 KB)APRIL COOPER aka APRIL YANEZ

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