April Leigh Fitzgerald Birmingham, Alabama Alabama


TRUST ME- this is a hard story to beat. My husband and I were married for almost 11 years and have 4 beautiful babies. I found out he was having an affair with April Leigh Fitzgerald one week after our baby turned one. My husband had been very weird about his iPhone. He wouldn’t let me near it, even though the kids and I had given it to him as a Christmas gift. He had everything password protected and wouldn’t even let our kids play games on it. One morning in May, I was up really early with our sick baby and found my husband’s phone on because he’d been listening to music on it, so the password protection wasn’t set. I opened his Facebook and text messages and found HUNDREDS of explicit messages and pictures between them. NOTE: WE live in Canada & April the whore lives in ALABAMA- so pretty much the opposite side of the continent. In these messages, my husband and April fantasized about being together and were concocting a”plan” to make this happen. They also fantasized about my death. She sent him a message saying,”I was hoping you were texting me because she was DEAD!” And he replied,”LOL, will you be the STRIPPER at her funeral?” There were hundreds of messages with this same theme. They pledged their love for each other, talked about how they couldn’t live without each other and how they were so happy to have found their soul mate. There were pics of certain body parts mailed to each other as well. LOVELY thing to see on your husband’s iPhone @ 4 a.m. || I was devastated. I still am. You think you know someone, right? I’ve known my husband since we were in 5th grade. We grew up together. We were best friends. Then we started dating our junior year in high school. We went to college together, got married and had 4 kids. Sure, marriage is tough but you WORK ON IT; you don’t go find a whore to take your mind off your responsibilities. || So anyways…. I took pics on his phone of every single message, pic and text and sent them all to my phone. Then I woke him up and confronted him. He flat out LIED about April, saying she was just an acquaintance who was going to help him find a music job. Then I started reading all the messages between them and that got his attention QUICK. He jumped off the couch and started searching frantically for his phone. Panic ALL over his face. When he figured out I had sent all the messages to my iPhone he went and erased the entire iCloud, making me lose EVERYTHING on my iPhone- all my baby’s 1st year pictures- GONE! And yeah, I’d been too stupid to back them up, so they are gone forever. I also lost all the messages, which is what he wanted. His reason?”Those were MY private messages. You weren’t supposed to read them.” Oops! Then he gave me a huge lecture about privacy and not reading his personal emails. For real. I always thought that if I ever caught my husband cheating on me I would kick him out immediately. But when this happened in REAL life, all I could think about was our kids. 4 perfect, beautiful kids who did NOT deserve this. I begged him to get help. I told him we needed marriage counseling and I’d go to ANY counselor to try and save our marriage. He told me he needed”time & space” to think about things. I told him that was fine but it couldn’t be a long term thing. Exactly 3 weeks later on June 11, 2013 (the day before April’s birthday), he told me he was”ready to talk.” I was so happy, I figured he had finally come to his senses and didn’t want to break our family apart and was willing to go to counseling and get help. He said he wanted to tuck our kids into bed so I went and started cleaning up dinner. I noticed it was taking an extra long time to tuck the kids in and I went upstairs to check on everyone. I walked into the master bedroom to find my kids bawling their little eyes out. He had brought them into our bedroom, sat them down on our bed and told them that he was leaving. He was moving to a new house. Please note that our kids are only 1, 4, 6 and 9. And our 9 year old has severe autism. It was the 6 and 4 year olds who were crying their eyes out, begging their daddy not to leave. And this is how I found out my HUSBAND of 11 YEARS was leaving me for April Leigh Fitzgerald. I held the kids and comforted them, did my best to calm them down. Then I texted my family to come immediately because it was an emergency. I asked my husband when he was leaving and he said it would be the next day. I quickly put the pieces together. June 12th was April’s birthday. He had been using those 3 weeks that he was”thinking about things” to finalize this big abandonment plan. He needed TIME to get his ticket and get everything READY. At the time I found out about the affair, he couldn’t even find his passport and I’m the one who helped him find it. Hind sight, I know. || My sisters began texting him angry text messages as soon as they saw my text saying he was leaving and to come immediately. My family had all known about the affair but were keeping their distance at my request while we were trying to”figure things out” during those 3 weeks. When he saw their texts he made a comment about why in the world would I call my family about this? Then he said he had hoped we could”talk” before he left. And that now we wouldn’t have much time since my family was all on their way over. He was right; we didn’t end up having much time to”talk.” How much is there to really”talk” about with your husband who is on his way out the door, leaving you and FOUR children behind to be with ANOTHER WOMAN in Alabama???!!!! I asked him how long it had been going on and he told me”a long time”. He had been messing around with her when I was PREGNANT with our 4th child…. probably longer, but he admitted to that long. I asked him WHY and HOW could he possibly choose this slut whore from Alabama who he barely KNOWS over his own WIFE and BABIES???!!! And his answer? You’ll LOVE this!!!!”It came down to working on our marriage and I knew that if I decided to stay and work on our marriage that I could never talk to her again. And I just couldn’t never talk to her again.” || True story people. || The rest of that night was a fog. My family arrived. He jumped the fence and ran like the coward he is because he couldn’t face them. Then he came back with the police to gather his stuff. We had already found some of it in the garage, typed and labeled with his name and her Alabama address on the boxes. In the things we found he’d packed a big old sex book (not from our marriage), a stuffed animal she had sent him (awwwww how sweet) and a ton of other way too disturbing to list it all crap. The police let him go into our bedroom where our children were SLEEPING to gather his clothes and belongings. They were shining their big flashlights all over the bedroom and I was bawling, begging them to stop because they’d wake up our kids who would be TRAUMATIZED to see all these cops in their house and then to actually WATCH their daddy leave. Thank God they slept through all of it. I still can’t believe he did this to them. With zero remorse. || The police let me go through his suitcases to rescue any of my things he was trying to take and I did find a few. Then they called me upstairs to interview me and my husband of 11 years walked out the door and out of my life forever. He flew down to Birmingham and was united with April Leigh Fitzgerald, his whore, on her birthday- June 12th. || And they lived happily ever after??? Oh I highly highly DOUBT it! LOL. || He has tried to completely disappear. He has only contacted me ONE time asking to speak to the kids and I ignored him because our kids are traumatized enough. I have evidence from the therapist to back this up. He didn’t leave me an address, a phone number or any way to reach him. He has not sent ONE penny to help with his kids. He pretty much left us to die. He DID leave us with a $1200 phone bill from all of the late night phone calls he made to the whore (April) on his iPhone. I also had to pay a $400 fee to have the stupid thing shut off because I’m sure he would’ve continued to use it and rack up the bill even more from Alabama. || The ONE thing that brings me just a little relief in this nightmare of a story is that I believe 100% in KARMA. April Leigh Fitzgerald, he is a married man with a WIFE and 4 innocent babies. And you were FINE with dating a MARRIED man and having him LEAVE his family for you. I don’t know how either of you sleep at night honestly. And husband dearest, you MUST know… if you have any shred of intelligence in your head… that if your precious April was willing to cheat with you… a MARRIED man, that she will do it again. This will not last. And Karma is a BITCH!!!! Especially to”men” who abandon their wives and children for a home wrecker. || Sleep tight you two. Karma is coming. || *This is a picture she sent him of them together. A married man & his home wrecker.>

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