Aqua fresh Complaint


Aqua Fresh claims their WF-285 filter is “equivalent to” a Kemnore 9010 filter. It isn’t!! I made the mistake of installing one of their filters, and when I attempted to remove it, it was frozen/locked in position. In spite of using vice grips to try to get that filter out, it wouldn’t budge. Their “tech support person” insisted that I must have a warped filter holder. He offered to send me another “equivalent” filter that they make for the Australian markets, because they have so many warped filter holders there due to the extreme heat in Australia. We live in PA, where there isn’t excessive heat like Australia. He also said that it was common to have to replace a filter holder within 10 years, when the filter is replaced every 6 months. I had to get Sears to send a repairman to remove the defective Aqua Fresh filter, at a cost of $126 for labor only. With great effort, he dem0lished the Aqua Fresh filter, and replaced the defective Aqua Fresh filter with the specified Sears/Kenmore 9010 filter, which fit into the filter holder just fine. There was no warping of the filter holder. The repairman said he has never had to replace a filter holder in all the years he’s been doing appliance repairs. When I could compare the 2 filters side by side, it was obvious that the Aqua Fresh filter isn’t the same geometry/dimensions as the Kenmore filter. Wish I had known that before I installed the defective Aqua Fresh filter! When I attempted to contact Aqua Fresh’s Tech support person again to tell him that my filter holder wasn’t warped, he refused to talk to me, and refused to accept any responsibility for the $126 bill that I have to pay due to their defective part. Needless to say, I will never buy another Aqua Fresh product (including their toothpaste!) because they don’t stand behind their products. I encourage others to learn by my experience, and avoid using so called “equivalent” filters made by Aqua Fresh.

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