Aquamaid Review


They scammed me into thinking my water was contaminated… tested it and told me that if I buy a filter, I’d get a $50 gift card to Target. (I never got it) I decided to finance the unit, they came and installed it. It flooded my yard. I sold my house, was moving and called for them to send the plumber out to uninstall it and move it to our new address, as I was promised it wouldn’t be a problem at all, that as long as I had the unit they’d move it as many times as I move. No one ever showed up after I Called complaining several times. I moved in May 2010 and the thing is still sitting in my new yard, waiting for someone to show up. We had to have a plumber friend of ours come out to the old house and remove it for us before we closed on the house. I financed through FTL Finance, who when I contacted them after I found out Aqua Maid was a scam and they don’t care… I’m paying for a $5, 000 piece of metal sitting in my yard not being used. I am very upset and need help!! I can’t get anyone to help me.

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