I applied for a job I saw on INDEED – with a company called AQUASANA. The job was for a remote position in graphic design. The company was in Austin, TX and has branches in SanAntonio and Dayton, Ohio. Soon after I applied, I got a response. But the response came through SKYPE. The person who I communicated with called himself, Derek Mellencamp. The conversation went on for a few days exchanging information and instructions. It all sounded legitimate and for the most part acceptable. Another person was mentioned (Clyde Davis) mentioned but I had no communication with him.Part of Derek’s instruction was that they were going to send me a check to purchase office equipment. The purchase was to be done using a company verified vendor of office equipment. The check came by way of overnight FEDEX. The return address on the fedex envelope was from a company called SIIX in Elk Grove Village, IL. The check was drawn from a company located in Malibu, CA. As per the instructions from Derek the check was to be deposited using an ATM (not through a bank teller) then sending the receipt to them for proof of funds. The check was drawn on a Bank of America account – which is not my bank. I did not do the ATM – I went in person and spoke with my banker showing them the check and telling them the scenario so far. After speaking with them she said the check is 99% fraudulent. I then took the check to a Bank of America branch. I had just began to tell the manager what was going on and he stop me and told me what was going on. He already knew the scenario. I showed him the check. He checked the account and said the company name on the check did not match the name on the account on his computer. He confirmed the check was 100% fraudulent. The Bank of America manager kept the check to give to their fraud/law enforcement people. Derek Mellencamp did not get my SS# or bank account numbers but he does have my address and birthday and that worries me. Since SKYPE was the only way to communicate since I surrendered the check, I have not heard from Derek or anyone from Aquasana.I have kept all documents (hard copies and electronic) pertaining to this.

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