Arash Shirdel atty


Arash Shirdel atty of pacific Premiere Law Group is a pathological liar……… Lie. Number One GONAZ his sister is a convicted felon not a paralegal. Lie number two Shirdel on his web site post he is a registered patent atty he is not Lie number three he does not have a judgement of 790,000.00 against a guy named Frank Jakubaitis. Lie number four The bogus judgement obtained against Jakubaitis by Shirdel and Padilla was reversed over two years ago. There is no judgement against Jakubaitis lie number four Shirdel lied to a federal judge in regard to his sisters bankruptcy and should be disbarred as a result. Finally hiring this law firm will get you in trouble big time…since it looks like he lies every time his lips move.

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