ARC mobile home communities flint Michigan Review


Stay away from ARC. They force you to sign documents,that they do not inforce ex.(park rules,background checks,credit reports) They do background checks on residents before you move in, Then you find out you have convicted felons living next door to you. Allow people to sub-let there trailers,when the papers you sign say you cant. Pot holes in the streets( some were measured as deep as 4in ). Grass never gets mowed on a regular basis. Then when you try to sell your home they try to hold you hostage to force you to sell to them. Tried to sell my home to a broker an they blocked the sale of my home to the broker. To make a long story short,dont live or rent a mobile home from these ripoffs. All the park manager is ,is a cashier. She is just concerned about rent money. She doesnt even understand the paperwork that she signs..Then lies to you to make you believe she is also a victim….Bulls**t DANGER ,DANGER, Stay Away….

3096 camelot dr flint, Michigan United States of America

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