Arcadia Apartments Colorado


Complaint: I have live in over 20 places in my 32 years of life and I just have to say this complex and management team – Resource Residential is BY FAR (Like a mile) the worst place I have ever lived for more reason than one.1.) They are Extremely over priced for the quality of buildings almost 100 years old.2.) There is a bug infestation like I have NEVER seen before (BED BUGS ROACHES ETC), one day I had to kill 8 wasps inside my house and I was on the 3rd floor !3.) They have Rabbits and Rats chewing on the wires on your vehicle while it “Safely”” rests in the over charged carport.4.) SUE TRAN the property manager Lies and tells you want you want to hear just to get you stuck in the lease and then tough cookies

Tags: Neighborhood Services

Address: my neighbors couldn’t stop talking about how she duped them5.) God forbid if it snows … Lets just say I would recommend you download UBER because they do not plow for anything. No joke there has been numerous occasions I had to leave my vehicle and call for and UBER to get to work. (Not to mention get some boots they do not shovel the side walk either)6.) The rent prices do not reflect that they have utilities in addition wich I swear is based on the average system of ALL their units so they don’t have to electricity for the empty ones my bill was like 170 a month and I worked 60 hrs a week

Website: They charges me $100 for 2 keys they say I never turned in

Phone: lol (Not to mention water …sewer

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