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Complaint: This morning my gas light came on and I relized it was time to pay the nose bleeding price of $3.54 per gallon to fill my 18 gallon tank. So I drove into the local Arco gas station on the corner of Alondra and Woodruff in Bellflower. I walked up to the pay island to pay with my bank card so that I would not have to go inside. Then I walked back to my car and began to pump. Suddently the pump just stopped. I thought maybe it slipped out or something so I tried to repostion the nozzle but it still would not start again. So I went inside to talk to the attendant. I explain what had just happened and he hit a few buttons on the register and asked me if it worked now. I told him that I had to go and check. So I did and it still was not working, so I went inside again to tell him. I explained that the pump just stopped after 4 gallons and that I wanted to fill my tank up. He printed the receipt and told me that I pumped only $14.00 and I told him I knew my tank was not full because I drove in with the gas light on and I wanted to fill my tank. He told me to hang the nozzle back up and then to try it again. So I went outside and did what he said and it reset the whole pump. So I went to the island at least to get my reciept and I put my card through again and when I relized that I would have to pay another .45 cent fee I canceled the transaction and went inside to speak to the attendant again. I told him that I don’t think it was fair that I had to pay the .45 cents again because the pump stopped on it’s own and I was not done. He told me that I had to pay the fee at that was too bad since I used the machine outside he could not do anything about it. I told him that this is something just so simple and that he was not being resonable. He began to yell at me and tell me that he told me that I had to pay again. I then told him that he never said that, and that all the people that were in the store heard what he had told me orginally and I told him to play back the tape. He kept yelling at me and told me to leave. I asked for his name and the phone number and name of his supervisor. He refused to give it to me and just shook his head no. Then another attendant came up to the counter and started helping the other people in line. I asked him what the guys name was and he just said something to the attandant in his language. So the attandant snached back the recipet and scriblled his name, “Horrs”” I then asked for the name and number of the Manager and he shook his head and told me to come tommorow to speak to the Manager. I asked again for the Mangers name and he told me Mr. Ron. I then asked what time he would be in and he told me 9am. I can’t beleve the customer service I recieved. He could have easly reversed my transaction and just added on the amount that was already pumped. Instead he was yelling and refusing to give me any kind of information to speak to someone above him. I know this is not the first complaint because I’ve been in several times and have heard other customers arguing with him. That is why I pay outside so I don’t have to deal with the ignorant attandants. I guess Arco is counting on every penny that can get to line their pockets. Anonymous2 Bellflower

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Phone: 10159 Alondra Blvd Bellflower Bellflower, California U.S.A.

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