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I gave a call to Arial Software as I was highly interested in their software. I decided to purchase their software to test it out as they offered a 30 day money back guarantee. I was then moved to the verification team who billed me but did not charge me. Her name was Elaine Allshouse who was extremely rude and informed us that you are required to have a landline number in order to get their software. Do you know how many people have landlines these days? I ended up ordering a landline just to get the software just to get done with it. A few days later we decided to return the software (which we wanted to exchange), and upgrade to the higher up versions. After we were refunded, we sent a row of questions to Arial without a single reply. I ended up calling them in which Elaine told me we were shady and it cost her money refunding me when I had specifically said all I wanted to do was upgrade. I said how could it cost you money when I am wanting to purchase the high class version in order to support the amount of email marketing we wanted to do. Her answer was that she simply did not want to do business with me because we are fraud and then hung up. After that I tried emailing support with no replies. Overall, I can say there software was sub par, customer service is rude and they all have egos, and they won’t be in business that much longer if they can’t higher proper staff to sell their product.

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