Arky Barky little rock Arkansas Review


I purchased a puppy July of 2005 from Arky Barky and 6 months later I had to spend $1000 on knee surgery on my puppy because of a genetic default (his knee cap slipped in and out of socket). nThe vet said usually if one knee has it, the other knee will possibly need surgery later too. nNot to mention every month he is put on anitbiotics for his skin disorder. nI actually went to meet the breeder of my puppy and it was just a couple who’s dogs had a litter, they weren’t even breeders. They knew the breeder of their male dog and his history but didn’t know anything about the female’s family history. nWithout knowing anything about my puppy’s maternal side breeding history, who knows what genetic defects will present themselves later! nI was thinking of breeding my pup (just for myself) because he is a great looking dog, but I don’t want his bad genes to trasfer to any other pups. nThis practice of not buying from reputable breeders is very decieving and harmful! nI know someone who is related to the owner and they told me (after the fact) not to buy puppies from Arky Barky. They buy from puppy mills and if the pups get too old and don’t sell, they sell those pups to testing labratories! nSaranlittle rock, ArkansasU.S.A.

6505 Warden Rd. Sherwood, Arkansas U.S.A.

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