Arlington Energy Co Complaint


Below are excerpts from a letter I submitted to Arlington Energy based on my personal experience. To whom it may concern: I had been referred to Arlington Energy by a friend and contacted them for oil delivery. The owner was quick to reply and friendly. I called back with payment information, as he instructed, and set up delivery. Again, the woman in the office was quite pleasant and helpful. I was contacted on 11/26 by the delivery person who needed details on where my oil fill was. He delivered my oil correctly and left a bill in my mailbox. I was unhappy to find that my credit card number was clearly written on this bill and left in my unlocked mailbox for access by anyone. I called the office to ask them to please take care to avoid doing this in the future. It was then I encountered a hostile conversation with a woman who was curt, rude and unhelpful. She was defensive and yelled at me – which was totally out of line. I ended the call and she hung up in my face. I contacted the delivery person on his cell phone to complain and again was met with rudeness. He said “the girls in the office were crazy” and he was “just a truck driver” so he coudln’t really help. I asked him to have the owner contact me so that I could discuss this with him. His response was that he didn’t know if the owner would call me back. I asked why wouldn’t he call back to resolve a complaint? He said he coudln’t say but didn’t want to say that he would. I found there to be a dismal disrespect for me as a customer, disregard for basic discretion with my credit information and a severe level of rudeness that I have never encountered while making a purchase prevoiusly at any establishment. In my opinion, this behavior was supremely inappropriate under any condition and I’d wished it to be addressed appropriately. I have since cancelled my service and made a formal complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

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