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arnold clark nick coia they sold me a new car the was faulty hand brake broke hitting me and crashing in to abrick wall glasgow, United Kingdom!!. I bought a new car from arnold clark who deals in vauxhall cars my car was priced at 23 grand the car was faulty from the start and was in to be repaired when i got the car back i had it for 10 days then the cars hand brake broke as it was on a hill my parter was in the car screaming to let me no the car was rolling down the hill a ran after it to try and get in to put my foot on the break but the car jammed be gainst another car taking me with it so i steered the car in to a brick wall to stop it or it was going on to a main road a have had no car for 4 weeks now and am still having to pay the finance on it vauxhall are not taking the responsibility off it by saying the car should have been in gear on a hill they have said it was the hand break and it was faulty please can u help as this has left me in aa terrible situation

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