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Complaint: I have outstanding toll tag balances that I tried to clear up today under the NTTA amnesty program. When I called the firm to make arrangments, they would not do any type of payment arrangment until 1/3 of the balance was put down. I don’t have it. I’m happy to make payments and told them so, but they would not take anything less than 1/3 of my enormous balance. The whole point of the grace period is to give people the opportunity to make right without all of the outrageous administration/penalty fees. However, they were rude and unwilling to help me set up payment arrangments. It’s ridiculous. I called NTTA to tell them that I tried to pay on my balance, but the “law firm”” was unwilling to help me make payment arrangments. It didn’t matter to them. You would think that something is better than nothing.”

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