Arrico Realty & Property Management Review


I hired Arrico to manage a property I have in Valrico. I approved a bathroom repair bid for $3,960 and Arrico hired the contractor to do the job. Then unbeknown to me, they hired a second contractor and paid them $1800 to finish the repairs. They withheld the $1800 from the payment due to the original contractor and the original contractor placed a lien on my property because they were not paid in full for the work performed. Keep in mind that I’m kept in the dark until the day I received the lien notice in my mailbox. | I reached to the original contractor and they were kind enough to forward me a correspondence between them and Arrico Realty & Property Management. The essence of the correspondence is that Arrico is trying to get a discount from the original contractor AFTER the contract was signed and the job performed with the argument that they had multiple bids for the job, all of which were with better terms?! No other bids were ever presented to me, if there were indeed other proposals – why weren’t they presented to me and why did Arrico chose to work with this contractor?? | I’m curently working with a law firm to recover the unauthorized payment of $1800. | Other feedback: Very slow to respond (if at all), sloppy accounting – I was double charged on a couple of occasions and had to point them to their accounting errors (which they corrected). A month ago I gave them a notice that I no longer need their services – they responded that they’ll send me the cancellation procedures – this was more than 3 weeks ago, nothing yet – this will give you an idea what to expect from them.

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