Arrigo Car Dealership Review


The thieves that work for this company should be ashamed of themselves. How is it a 23 year old kid making $20, 000 a year gets a loan for a car with a $518 payment and one year later turns car in and gets a truck with a $870 payment? This has to be illegal to exploit a [censored] kid who thinks he can afford this payment on take home pay $600 – And what about Sun Trust Bank that approved the loan? The solution is to turn the truck in and Arrigo will sell at auction and the dumb ### kid will be responsible for the upside down portion of the loan…The greed of this sales person and company will force this kid into bankruptcy. And you wonder why the country is almost bankrupt…If Arrigo gave me a car for free I would not deal with such ARRIGO!!! My next stop is the PalmBeach Post and the Sun Sentinel

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