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Arrow Head Motors Con Artists/ Illegal Documentation/Extremely Unprofessional Internet!!. At first it was just my girlfriend not doing research befor trying to go find a car. She went to arrowhead motors and got completely brain washed by some fat guy and his old brother. After I told her not to do anything and wait until i got home to talk about this she was talked into giving them 220 dollars for some odd reason to hold the car she wanted. After doing research I discovered how exactly terrible this company is. I told her to go back the following day to get her money back with her mother and father because I work. After she told them she did not want the car and wanted her money back they completely denied. The general sales manager said “What Money”? after telling her they “would see what the could do”. Anyways We are reporting to the Better Business Bureau. While reporting we noticed that they are rated an “F” already and have over 10 complaints. There is nothing positive about this dealer. I suggest everyone reads all the info before ever going here. Sleezy Con-Artists. They throw stickers on uninspectible cars/Compulsive Liars/Take advantage of kids unlike any other car dealer.(and comon every car dealer has its flaws). Never EVER! consider ArrowHead Motors. They will get whats comming to them. Have a Great Day! 🙂 -I would rather spend a year in jail than purchase a vehicle from these crooks.

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