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First this company hired me from Craiglist, They sent me to a job to hang art for them at a retirement home, I was to meet the designer to be instructed where to hange them. The drive was 90 minutes. The shipment had to be picked up by me because the semi could not get down the roads. Anyway, the short of it is I was on this job for 5 hours because they scheduled me during lunch so I had to wait, plus no one showqed up to instruct. I worked taking old art down to put new up. This took hours more of my time. The company said they would pay me more and needed me for other jobs the next week. After I completed my work the staff said it looked great and I left. I was concerned I found this company of CL but I thought they would be reputable. They said they would pay me 200.00 plus overtime of 100.00 –This job cost me 75.00, they paid me nothing. It appears they just used me to put in artwork in Florida because they are in Milawaukee. This company is unethicaql and I hope to help others not get conned by them. Here is their Facebook page too. Art Hanger thank you

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