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Art Hill Ford Was Lied To. Merrillville Indiana!!. Art Hill Ford is only out to rip people off. I was recommened to this dealer by my lawyer over a year ago and thought this place was heaven. Got me the truck I wanted approved through Ford credit and got my roommate a car. But little did I know what was going to happen next. I had a 2018 Ford F-350 Truck with a ton of equity in it. I was told by my sales man that with all the equity I could get my car and have enough to get my partner approved for a work truck for are company. I was told my car was in stock and so was the truck he was looking for. We then got to the dealership and seen no work truck but a car. I asked where the truck was the sales man told me the truck was sold. Now wait your telling me in the 5 minutes it took me to get here you sold the truck you knew we were going to buy? He said he would search for another. He was so worried that I would not get the car. I told him if you do not get me a work truck for my partner and our company I can not give up the truck I have now. He said ok he began to search and said he found a truck and would have it there in 5 days. So I went on to look at my new car signed for it and loved it. The next day all changed they told me they could not get the truck and now could not find a truck anywere else. Also found out the car the gave me was in my and my partners name. I figured that was good build our credit. Little did I know that with him being on my loan he could no longer get approved for a truck. I began to call everyone called Ford Credit they told me to go somewere else really? The approval after 30 days went out the window and was told he could no longer get approved since they put him on my loan. So now were stuck we went there knowing we would come out with a car and a truck instead came on with a lie. I want to Thank Art Hill Ford for lying to me and doing nothing about it.

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