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My first question to all the lawyers out there has to be; “is it a violation for a lawyer to use an alias” ? What it it were reasonable to conclude that he/she is doing so to conceal their real identity, perhaps due to a spouses long history of criminal offenses ? 2 Rules come to mind, but I would like to here from the experts on this. According to PART III CANONS OF ETHICS CHAPTER 1 CODE OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY EC 2-11 The name under which a lawyer conducts his/her practice may be a factor in the selection process. Accordingly a lawyer in private practice should not practice under a firm name that is false, fraudulent, deceptive or that would tend to mislead laypersons as to the identity of the lawyers actually practicing in the firm, the relationship of the lawyers practicing in such firm, or the nature of the firmís law practice. | According to RULE 8.4 CHAPTER 1 GEORGIA RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT a. It shall be a violation of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct for a lawyer to: 4. engage in professional conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation; In the case of Cynthia Lynn Parker-Holda, (aka CL Parker), she is married t Tomasz Holda. A convicted felon,with a serious of federal offneses going back 20 years. This is not a guy who got a dui. This is a man with decades of history involving federal drug trafficking offenses. Her knowledge of his actions, and acceptance, of her husband’s repeated criminal offenses, would have to make one call into question her moral character and integrity. Although no one can prove it, she has to be aware of it, and would it be unreasonable to imply she may even be complicit ? If she is complicit, does that make her partnering lawyer Arthur Leach complicit ? He is another story, he has done some things he probably thinks can’t be revealed,but no problem for a nerd with some data mining skills though. | Attorney Cynthia Parker-Holda’s husband, Tomasz Holda, was sent to prison on a previous Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals related case, when “the Government learned that in 2004, Defendant Holda, in the presence of Defendants Wheat, Smith, and other(s), discussed obtaining a firearm silencer for use in attacking a FDA agent conducting a criminal investigation into HiTechís use of Viagra in its Stamina RX product. While the agent was not harmed it is important to note that in June 2004, Defendant Holda purchased a silencer on the Internet for delivery to his home. This silencer was intercepted by U.S. Customs, and Defendant Holda was prosecuted, and ultimately pleaded guilty, to being a felon in possession of a firearm silencer. See United States v. Holda, 1:04-CR-368-JEC. T or You can read it right here Court dockets show CL Parker or CL Parker, LLC ,represent the indicted companies on a regular basis. I’d go as far as saying that her husband, and his indicted company’s are her only clients. | That was not a jab, just an observation. Between lawsuits and their consistent love for violating federal laws, keeping them out f jail seems to be a full time job. Attorney CL Parker is presently partnered with the Law firm of Arthur Leach. If you note the above case, it mentions other defendants, namely Jared Wheat. Jared Wheat is represented by Attorney Arthur Leach, CL Parker-Holda’s Law partner. According ot the website (here),Tom [aka Tomasz] Holda, is the indicted Hi-Tech’s current “Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Operations” , but he is the owner of Hi-Tech Pharma LLC. What’s the difference? I have no clue. As of October 2017, “Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals” , has now been indicted yet again. You can see the case overview here. | The current charges consist of: Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud,Wire Fraud,Money Laundering Conspiracy,Money Laundering,Conspiracy to Introduce Misbranded Drugs into Interstate Commerce,Introduction into Interstate Commerce of a Misbranded Drug,Conspiracy to Manufacture and Distribute,Manufacturing and Distributing Controlled Substances, and Introducing Misbranded Drugs into Interstate Commerce. For those not so lawfully educated – in summary this is a DRUG TRAFFICKING case. ok, so getting back to this Attorney CL Parker and her husband Tomasz Holda. This time Tomasz Holda was able to avoid the actual criminal indictment, HOWEVER, not before the Federal Trade Commission went after him and his co-conspirators for a judgment in the amount of $40 million dollars, which the government already started taking action with liens and bank garnishents. The government moved on that as soon as soon as they passed out the indictments. Read about the FTC action against Holda and his co-defendants here. | So continuing on with the theme here, the above mentioned case had me considering yet another scenario. According to RULE 1.8 CONFLICT OF INTEREST: (j) A lawyer shall not acquire a proprietary interest in the cause of action or subject matter of litigation the lawyer is conducting for a client. If Attorney CL Parker, and her husband Tomasz Holda own a home together, and some other property, does this rule apply ? Especially considering that the government is seeking to collect on a $40 million dollar judgment from her husband and his co-defendants. Does that rule apply? Or am I misinterpreting it ? What I am left with, is what would be required to prove she is complicit ? Would I be the only guy in the room to believe she knows everything, and that she may even help these illegal entities circumvent the law ? Keep in mind, she represents he husband and the indicted company(s) on a regular basis. Considering the level of corruption of her husband, and his co-defendants, the State Bar of Georgia has no position on that? These co-defendants are apparently life long friends. It’s the same guys gettig arrested over and over. I am seeking some intelligent dialogue. The case and the parties interes me greatly. Thanks


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