ArtisticTransfer Complaint


Artistic Transfer, LLC of Dallas, Texas named in adversary fraud complaint filed against Ronnie Gene Bush in Nevada Bankruptcy Court United States Bankruptcy Court District of Nevada Case 18-51076-btb Doc 96 Entered 06/28/19 09:53:59 Ronnie Gene Bush, fdba Tyche Acquisitions Group fdba Tyche Art International fdba Renaissance Masters 34. With regard to potential assets of the bankruptcy estate, the Debtor could not recall the exact whereabouts of certain property (a large camera printer) associated with the various business entities and indicated only that his alleged soon-to-be employer Artistic Transfer may have gotten some property from him “last year, maybe two years ago.” When pressed a bit further about a specialized camera printer, the Debtor indicated that the printer, originally purchased for around $6, 000.00, was sold to Artistic Transfer for $750.00. 44. The Debtor”s Schedule I indicates that the Debtor is employed, yet lists no information concerning such employment and no income derived therefrom. The Debtor has testified repeatedly that despite his pre and post-petition travels to Texas, Mexico and Zurich for alleged employment related purposes, he has yet to earn any income. In one instance, the Debtor testified that these various entities are supporting him, but he has not done any work for them. In another instance, the Debtor testified that he anticipated getting back to work marketing art for hotels for Artistic Transfer, a company located in Dallas, Texas, as a Sales Rep. Yet a month later, the Debtor indicated that he had not earned any income. 45. Similarly, the Debtor”s Schedule J lists almost no living expenses associated with the Debtor”s existence, let alone his testimony that he is traveling roughly three weeks a month. The Debtor lists $300.00 a month in Transportation costs on his Schedule J, yet testified that he makes 3-4 trips to Texas a month with gas for each trip costing approximately $1, 000 per trip. No expenses are listed for the Debtor”s other travel expenses, including his hotel stays, car rentals and airfare. The Debtor claims that such expenses are paid for or reimbursed by his (potential) employers, yet has failed to substantiate such claims.

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