ASA College Review


I am a 51 year old woman with no career. I came into some money last February so i Gave ASA College over 6,000 for One semister. Not very professional whatsoever esp some of the teachers, I did not qualify for financial aide as I used it all up 2005-2008 by going to interboro which shut it’s doors 6 months shy of me obtaining my GED and Paralegal Cert. As well as an assoc. degree. so I gave up.. | I heard ASA was a good school, sure If you are receivng financial aide you ain’t paying out of your pocket.. My paralegal class had like 3 or 4 students in the class. of course I didn’t pass the entrance exam and when I asked to see the results they say it was a Pass or Fail. Fail? fail by how much so that is 2,000 for remedial classes.. | The next semister I get arrested for BS. So I said I was taking a leave of absence because of this arrest, I was arrested 4x’s this summer and My Brooklyn Defender atty told the school not to allow me to register they are giving me a drug/alcohol program .. The school obliged and my atty whom quit on me.. Now There is an offer of a program except I’m not a druggie nor a violent law breaker and there are classes at night… I just wasted 6,500 and the student services and most of the office workers are very nawsty and don’t return phone calls.. Law Suit will be filed.. sounds like discrimination to me…


Name: ASA College

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Brooklyn

Address: 81 Willoughby St

Phone: (866) 990-6146


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