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I drove from Connecticut to buy a 2008 Corvette. The listed price was $20,000.00. They all act as a team to get you to drive the car. The car was brought to the lot and did not start! After much anticipation the vehicle started and then they brought me for a test ride. The car drove good, however I did not have enough time to realize the computer was not working. Not till I drove home that night did I notice. | I gave them a $10,000.00 deposit and traded in my 2001 Corvette. Figuring my payments would be affordable. The team rushed me through the system of signing many many confusing papers and told me I would be driving home that night in the Corvette. | They took my 2001 Corvette somewhere and did not allow enough time to get my personal items from the car. | After 5 hours of paperwork they told me that they could not detail the new Corvette and created Chaos to complete the sale! | A $20,000.00 car cost me after all was done $27,400.00 !!!!!! Payments of $501. 00 per month !!! Did not give me a breakdown of charges and showed no money for my trade in Corvette! | I have contacted the salesman and the manager Miro and Eamen and they have not responded. | There are many many complaints about this ripp-off company. They have fraudently added positive Google reviews. I know I checked them out. | Please add you complaints here as well. We need to stop this company before they hurt anyone else. | I had a very bad experience at Asal motors and the sales persons were very disrespectful. Looking at the rating of the dealership was fairly high for the level of service they give. So i decided to do some research. Every single user who gave a 5/5 stars for this dealer is a spam account. If you go to their accounts you can see they all they do is review various dealers across the north east and give the 5 stars. | These guys are a scam!!!!!!!

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