Complaint: on oct 6th 2005 i ordered a engine for my 1985 subaru brat an ea81 engine price was $555.00 plus 80.00 frt. when i received it i paid 118.80 frt. and the wrong engine (ea82) it will not fit. dina told me that is what i had ordered she had it on voice recording (not) i know what i am working on and i know what i put on the order conformation (ea81)!she (dina) had engine picked up on 10-21-05 /then on 10-29-05 after numerous calls to them i received another engine with lots of straps and shrink wrap (later i found to hold this piece of broken junk together)i called only to be put off ,hung up on etc.then i finally talked to a guy named elvin who said dina had to see pictures of this engine which i e-mailed to them several times including elvins home computer,dina gave me return authoriztion and then on 12-1-05 r&l carriers picked up engine /on 12-5-05 i got a call from r&l carriers notifing me that asap had refused to accept engine,i immediatly called dina she was very rude told me she had never seen the pictures ,told me the engine had been dropped! when in fact it had never been removed from pallet! i have statements from garage,and transporter stating the same! dina also told me that this engine was from a car up north not from japan like i was told when i purchased it,dina and her co. are true pieces of work they get your money ,and could care less about you! they are very rude when there is a problem but when they are getting your money they are extremly nice i guess thats how con artist work! stay clear of this company you will get taken!i have altready lost $555.00 for engine plus $118.80 in freight charges and have nothing to show for! also if the say they will call you back ,don’t count on it! they have never returned the first call to me by phone or e-mail “stay-away”” you have been warned!! Kevin DAHLONEGA

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Address: GeorgiaU.S.A.”


Phone: 6432 CUNNINGHAM RD. HOUSTON, Texas U.S.A.

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