ASC Warranty / Auto Services Company Complaint


A warranty for asc was purchased through auto limits irving, texas for a 2005 mercedes benz which was a repair magnet. Regardless of the repair nothing was covered. I finally made the decision to trade the car at a totally different dealership. The warranty was financed through the financing for $1200. I notified asc to request a refund, i was instructed to fax the odometer disclosure statement from the dealer to begin processing the refund this was february 11th. I called to verify the fax was received – it was. After 30 days, i called for an update she said give it a couple of days because of mail. This lady has a computer she knew i was getting a slip of denial and the person who handles refund was on another line. March 17th a small slip address to me inform me to contact auto limits for my refund. My concern is it took 30 days to tell me see someone else for a refund but i called asc for repairs to be inform it”s not covered. There was no explanation on the slip just contact auto limits. I have received my confirmation letter from wells fargo my account has been paid in full. I feel auto limits just sell warranties to say you have a warranty doing nothing for the consumer who has a vehicle that doesn”t fit that warranty. I want to know the proper steps to secure my refund from asc because on paper i paid $1200. I going to contact any and all agencies on this matter because my paperwork informs me i can request a refund because i did not default on the loan. Agreement #: b – [protected]

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