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On February 26,2007 I contacted the ASF office to cancel the membership I had with Wolrd Gym in Laurel, MD, as I had moved out of the state of Maryland.I was instructed to fax a letter of cancellation to your offices, which I did. nUnfortunately, my membership was not cancelled, and I continued to have charges coming out of my checking account from March 2007 until May 2008, when I closed my account because of these charges. I have received a bill in the amount of $120 for June, July and August of 2008. I do not owe anything to this company and deserve a refund for the 15 months of charges I received after cancelling this membership. I called their office today, and was told that nothing could be done until the past due amount was paid. I will not continue to pay for something which was cancelled on February 26, 2007. nTo resolve this problem, I would appreciate a full refund of the 15 months of dues I paid after cancelling my membership ($435) and for this membership to be CANCELLED, AS I REQUESTED FEBRUARY 26, 2007.I have already sought the help of the Better Business Bureau. nDolcienANNANDALE, VirginiaU.S.A.

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