Ashleigh Abbott – Buffalo, New York New York


Ashleigh Abbott and Michael Briscoe are both managers at the Microsoft store in Cheektowaga, NY at the Walden galleria store. Both married, her with 3 kids at home and him with 2 kids at home. Both slept together in the parking lot during work hours in both their cars. Then when his wife moved to Phoenix he moved her into his home and slept with her up until he moved to Phoenix. They slept together for months keeping it hidden from their employer so they wouldn’t get fired. They did this on company time and property. When confronted she said they were both going through things so screwing each other and ruining their families and marriages made perfect sense. Mind you their youngest are 2 weeks apart and mikes wife was forced to invite her to their child’s birthday party and buy her child a birthday present. Think twice before you shop at Microsoft because these are the type of people they employee.

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