Ashley Bell Studios Review


I paid for photography services up front using paypal, December 2012. Two days before the photo session Ashley Bell cancelled the session saying the hotel room was flooded and she had the flu. Ashley Bell never returned my messages in order to work out a rescheduled appointment so I filed a dispute with paypal stating I never received services. | Ashley Bell then refused to cooperate with a refund after previously stating she would give me one, then proceeded to state she had a no refunds policy yet none of her websites state this policy nor was I given one or under any contract. I ended up having to file a credit card charge back with my credit card company. Come to find out Ashley Bell admitted that the Paypal account she used was not hers and belonged to her husband. She then told me she didn’t have my money to refund. | In the mean time Ashley Bell has provided false information to Paypal stating that I agreed upon a certain date for a reschedule and then backed out. She also has threatened to sue me over negative feedback left on other websites. She told me that if I removed the negative reviews she would offer me a refund, only after I removed my reviews and call off my credit card company’s charge back investigation. | Upon researching Ashley Bell Studios I found numerous other individuals who paid for services and never received them. Many live in other states and cannot sue her in small claims court. In one instance she had a friend pose as a lawyer to try to scare an individual with a fraudulent libel lawsuit after she left negative feedback on a website. This is exactly what she is trying to do to me by asking me to remove my negative comments or be sued.


Name: Ashley Bell Studios

Country: United States

State: Kentucky

City: Campbellsville

Address: 75 June Dr

Phone: 270-849-8064


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