Ashley Bridget Vermont Review


ASHLEY BRIDGET IS A SCAM! I first was introduced to this company through Instagram. I loved their bracelets. I went to their website to order a bracelet only because they were offering a promotional discount. THANK GOD I didn’t pay the full $48 they charge. I received my bracelet a few weeks after ordering, which was fine. The problem with this company began shortly thereafter. The bracelet broke after wearing it only THREE times. I emailed customer support who asked for a picture of the broken bracelet, which I happily sent immediately. I heard back saying they would refund my money in a few days. A week went by and I sent TWO more emails which both went unanswered. I was very polite and understanding up to this point, but in the third email I was very displeased. I EVENTUALLY heard back and again they said they would refund my money and hadnt yet because they were having a problem finding my information. This was either a lie or they’re even more incompetent at running a business than I originally thought. Either way, I finally got my refund. After all this I decided to go to their Instagram and see if anyone else had any problems like me. I found a large amount of people had. Most of the complaints were about how long it took to receive an order, some saying it took a month or longer, and some having the same problem I did where it broke. I commented and explained what I went through so other girls wouldn’t have to go through the same thing. My comment was deleted. And I’ve read that a lot of other comments were deleted as well, some people even blocked. If they don’t want negative comments they should make a better product, especially for what they charge. RIP OFF! Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. has the same exact bracelets for about $10 or less.

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