Ashley Humphrey Columbus, Ohio Ohio


This hoes name is Ashley Humphrey, Ms. HUMPhrey managed to have 2 kids with 2 men before the age of 21 & still lives with her mom & dad. So when she found herself working with my fiancé and the father of my 2 children, she couldn’t help but try to sleep with him when she saw how good of a dad/boyfriend he was. Apparently he had talked with his coworkers about how he wanted anal sex and I wouldn’t give it to him. She took this as an opportunity to offer him just that & began texting back and forth and making arrangements to sleep with him. Which isn’t easy for her with 2 kids and living at home, but it didn’t stop her. When I found a text from her in his phone I contacted her about it and she swore on her children’s lives that it was all innocent, nothing sexual & she said she really was a ‘good person’. After being exposed she switched up the story to make herself a victim.

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