Ashley Mcdowell Kentucky Kentucky


One day in August of 2012 my fiance and I decided to pack up and start a new life with his adopted family in Cynthiana Kentucky. So me being so naive and so in love, told my whole world goodbye. Leaving behind the only life I knew for the past 23 years. I sold everything id worked for my entire life. Clothes bed dishes and so on. We moved and things went great for a few months, or so I thought. After 3 years together we married on November 5 2013. After about two months of our marriage he’d changed putting a lock on his phone having it with him at all times, staying at work later, leaving earlier. Mind you, we ran a business together at the time a junkyard. He knew a lot of people there. Come to find out his middle school sweetheart was one of them. He promised nothing would happen that he loved me and so on but come to find out he’d been sneaking behind my back seeing her after running into her at a gas station one day. She knew he was married and had a family, but that didn’t stop her.I’d come home from work only to find his nice clothes laying in the bedroom floor smelling of another female and my five year old telling me he left her and sister with one of his friends for a while. One night we got into a fight in which he told me he didn’t love me told me he’d only stayed due to the kids. This was news to me since he’d told me only hours before he loved me. So he left me high and dry with two kids to support on my own. One day I went to the junkyard just to check things out a girl was there his friend at the time. That was just more lies. His own dad told me the bitch stayed the night with him and I knew deep down this was the one, the side bitch that ruined my family all gross looking, trailer trash, cunt, dog face, tattooed face, pierced home wrecking whore who ruined my childrens lives forever. Because she came around and all he did was waste time on partying, doing drugs and spending money on her. He wouldn’t even help with diapers for the baby. His baby. || So I left Kentucky about a month after all this happened and suddenly he cared. That didnt last long though. Its been almost a year and he’s made no attempts to see or contact his kids. But they still are together and he says last time we talked he can’t because she gets jealous. Go figure. She’s a whore. I hope they both get karma smacked in the face with a donkey dick.

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