Ashra Koehn Complaint


Beginning of Julg I placed an order for a love spell. Blinded by promises and emails I didnt even stop to think that just maybe she was repeating to me the information that I had provided. I had been in a relationship for quite a long time and a series of events unfolded that caused me to lose it without having any chance to fight for it. At the begining it’s all peachy. But then you reserve responses that are so simple and plain, such as, ” your spell is working fine and I’m working diligently on helping you”. Then all communication stops. No results, nowhere to turn and yes, out of the money you didnt have to spare to begin with. All these promises made with saying ” in over all these years I have helped thousands and I am sure on my experience she will come back”. Well experience apparently doesnt mean anything. No update, no results and now not even a response. I would not recommend her sevices nor spending money on it. It just doesnt work, you will end up hurting yourself more than helping yourself. I lost all that made me myself, i lost everything i held dearest to my heart. And not even a chance to bring myself to piece myself back together. Dont waste your money on something that will not bring results. And if your reading this and forward it, she will respond with saying its competitors trying to bring down her name. I should have paid more attention to this before making a purchase, instead I chose to believe it would work, that her words meant something. They truly dont. Im sorry, but as much as i dont like to speak wrong about someone. I also dont like being taken advantage of.

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