Asia Supermarket albany New York Review


on 28,6,2011, I bought two phone card which i can use it to call back to china in Asian supermarket (1245 Central AVE,Albany ,NY,12205).I paid 36$ for the two cards.the cards showed that I can get 1600 free minites call . when I go back to my hotel and call back to china according to the procedure printing in the card. I called for couple of times . n on 30,6,2011, the reception in my hotel told me that I must pay for the phone charges of my room. the whole charge is 113.28$. I showed my phone card to the reception ,she told me that I always dial 212-375-0259 when I use the phone card.n 1,7,2011. I went to that supermarket to tell the issue to the manager there. He told me he can only reimburse the charge of the phone card. he said he was dealer of that card . He is not responsible for the loss of customer. I refuse immediately. In my opinion ,the market must be responsible to any goods which was sold in that market ,even they are the dealer of the goods.

Albany, New York United States of America

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