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Complaint: I entered into a contract with Ms, Carolyn Vidler, broker at Assist2Sell Realty in Leesburg, FL. At the time of signing, whenI questioned the length of the contract (6 months), she said “Don’t be concerned about that

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Address: if you’re not satisfied with my service

Website: but other homes in my area had an average marketin time of 2 months. This broker lied about other issuere which I won’t take up the time to discus here. Beware of Assist2Sell Realty! Use a Full-Service ethical broker!”

Phone: I’ll void it.”” She failed to present a representative market analysis of prices in my area and tried to convince me that my nearly new home was worth considerably less than my asking price in order to get a signed agreement. The similar homes for sale in my area did not support her figures. I refused to acceptthe agreement and she became upset and said she would not sell my home

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